China Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing Factory

We are manufacturing high quality prototypes & low volume production for various of on demand customizations, bridging the gaps between digital files (CAD)  & real products through Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, 3D Printing & Injection Molding!
Ranging from single piece, small series of low volume manufacturing to huge numbers of mass production.

Who we are?

Rapid prototyping upon CAD & low volume production manufacturing prior to the injection molding are the nice pairs of new product development, which is the starting point for all of our business based in China.  At Shenzhen Tengrui Fumo Technology Co., Ltd, a China prototype manufacturing & low volume production factory, we are specialized in on demand manufacturing of physical models, analyzing & casting products upon the specific requirement.  From 3D reviewing to finish the prototypes, we are not only checking all factors of prototype casting, like materials, dimensional tolerance and functional purpose, but also keep it in mind the optimization of mass production in future. Since our inception in 2012, the full-fledged engineering team of Tengrui, liaised with tens of engineers, design companies & SME, sampling car accessories, health & medical appliances, household appliances, baby cradles, industry tools & much more in custom rapid prototype services, low volume production manufacturing & mass production. Nowadays, Tengrui factory consists of more than 80 team members, including 5 engineers in multiple disciplines of engineering,5 production engineers &56 well trained workers & quality control team.  Our inhouse rapid prototyping & low volume manufacturing service are available for miscellaneous engineering, displaying & promoting, functional testing & production demands.

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3D Reviewing

Our engineering team analyze 3D drawings for debugging, and give suggestions based on our in-depth know-how in China rapid prototyping practice, as well as mass production.

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Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting benefits the soonest possibilities & maximum flexibilities from prototype to production, is ideal for small series production or low volume manufacturing.

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CNC Machining

CNC machining bring high precision and robust part manufacturing solutions.  It is the optimal solution to vacuum casting master model, especially when there is tight tolerance.

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Plastic Injection Molding

High volume mass production steel tooling for large scale plastic parts, various options available for materials, colors, surface finishing, over molding...etc., we help customers in injection molding after the prototypes are confirmed.

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3D Printing

3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of construction from digital files in computer to real. It is creating object by laying down successive layers of different materials, such as plastic, liquid and powder gains.

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes are helpful in verifying mechanical designs & problem spotting,  especially for the functional work abilities checking (functional prototypes) before launching out; or for the marketing promotions like kicker starter campaign. We are sampling high quality objects through top-line service of rapid prototyping.

China Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing Service Process

From Digital files in computer to real objects

How to Work with Us?

Here for your reference the working flow of rapid prototyping & low volume manufacturing process

Either for a single prototype casting, or small series manufacturing, or even at the beginning of a new project, feel free to reach out for advise from China pioneered manufacturer!

a. Reach out for advice.

Once you finished the 3D drawings (preferred to be in step format), feel free to reach out for a brief consulting.

b. Paper works like NDA.

We keep customers' files confidently, and for inner usage only. NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is prepared prior to going ahead at any time。.

c. 3D reviewing & refining

Our mechanical engineering team will be working together with customers to check all details & work abilities, as well as 3D drawing amendment. We will also confirm the materials, qty, colors & surface finishing at this time.

d. Prototype casting

Making the prototypes by CNC machining,3D printing or metal fabrication upon each specific application. Pay attention to all details to get high-quality prototypes.

e. Receiving prototypes & go next step to low volume manufacturing, or injection molding for large scale production.

Customers receive prototypes, verify designs and go ahead for low volume manufacturing (small lot production) by vacuum casting (preferred), 3D printing and CNC machining; or go with injection molding for mass production.

China Rapid Prototyping Service
Advantages of working with us!

We take pride in the goodwill through years of hard works & customer-centered service for rapid prototyping casting & small series production from China. 

Some Figures About Our Business in Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing from China

Tengrui provided high-grade prototypes and low volume production service for various of applications, cross different product categories (mobile, medical, small household, tools…etc.,) and customers from all around of the world!
We endeavour to bring the best available tailored solutions to each on demand manufacturing application at nice price, fast and high efficiently. 

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What peoples say about us
The prototypes from Tengrui are great, fine details in color, surface finishing, materials and packaging for delivery.
product manager working at a table
Patricia Muller
Product Manager
We served customers better with Tengrui's help! Teng Rui team helped us so much in verifying mechanical designs. They gave us improvement suggestions based on solid experience in practice of rapid prototyping, discussed all workable possibilities and options of materials. We received production-grade prototypes and proceed our works smoothly. 
Michael Clark
Engineering Team Leader
Our marketing team is satisfied with the prototypes from Tengrui, so happy to have their service of polyurethane vacuum casting/silicone molding to make small series orders!
Kent Milestone
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lean Manufacturing Provider in China for Prototypes & Small Series!

Lean manufacturing, high precision, stringent quality control & inspection, top-leavel customer satisfaction